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Brand: Extron Model: MAV 88 AV
Extron MAV 88 AV Matrix Switcher w/ Power Cord and Rack BracketThe Extron MAV AV RCA Series matrix switchers are designed to route composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals. Audio is provided on RCA connectors. They are ideal for use in a wide range of matrix switching applications, includ..
Brand: Extron Model: RGB/YUV
EXTRON RGB/YUV SERIES DA4 RGBHV WIDEBAND DISTRABUTION AMPLIFIERPulled from working system, cleaned and power on test. Power cord and rack bracket included.The Extron DA4 RGBHV is a four output, rack-mountable, analog distribution amplifiers. It accepts and distributes RGBHV, RGBS..
Brand: Generic Model: RX # 2144-001 TX # 2142-001
Microwave Radio Apparatus 2.8 cm RX # 2144-001 TX # 2142-001..
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